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1818 Fogal Family Bible
John Fogal and Catharine Amelia Provost

(includes names: Briggs, Brockner, Brown, Curtis, Evans, Fogal, Forest, Lockwood,
MacCallum, Many, Mowbray, Provost/Provoost, Taylor, Tyte, Wright, Yerks)

Below is genealogical information found in the family Bible of
John FOGAL and Catharine A. PROVOST.

The bible, notes and associated papers were transcribed by
Eibhlin Eilis MacIntosh . . . aka Aisling.

Items noted in brackets [ ] are comments by Eibhlin Eilis MacIntosh.
Items noted boldly in double brackets [[ ]] are subsequent comments by Everett Morton Fogal.
Items in parentheses ( ) were so noted in the Bible papers.

Most notes in the three primary sections of this Bible are written in two or three different handwritings. Most recent notes, in pencil, were probably made by Isabel Tyte Lockwood.

What's here:



The following were noted in the margin of the Bible. Most are incomplete notations.

Other notes from Bible

Other notes in the Bible indicated: Martha Wright, Sister Ann W. Forest, Niece Ann Wright. Many daughter - son James Many died at 19. Frances Many Mowbray, twins James and John. One of Martha's Sister Wright m. MacCallum, producing L'ee m. Jean Brown, producing Amelia, Kenneth, Thistle [this last name isn't clear].

The following were found on loose papers in the Fogal Bible:

Deaths [heading on slip of paper, in pencil]

Newspaper clipping

On Tuesday morning, 29th [last?], Elvira Fogal, after a short and painful illness, aged 17 years, [number washed out] months and 24 days.

The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her mother, 25 Lewis st., this day, Thursday, at 2 o'clock, p.m. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment [sic].

Farewell dear mother, farewell,
My father he calls me above,
He says come up, Elvira dear,
And dwell with me and God.

Sister and brothers a short adieu; I'll fold my wings and patient wait,
To see who first will enter through
This glorious and open gate.

[Eibhlin's note: In the NYC directory for 1849-50, William Fogal lived at 25 Lewis St., and he was a "carman."]

Penmanship sample by James Carlton, Aged eleven years.

Calling cards:
Sarah E. Van Sickle
W. Brockner Jr.

Loose paper, in same pencil notes as elsewhere in Bible:
Edgar F. Brockner Died Friday [was Thursday, written over] 28th 1911

Loose paper, very old:

Washington Brockner Jr. 1st son of W & Jannie [sic] Brockner 9th day January 1882 Monday 5 1/2 A.M.

Harold Evans Brockner 2nd Son of W & J Brockner June 1st 1884 Sunday 5.50 A.M.

Jefferson Brockner Jr. 1st Son of Jeff. & Julia Brockner 19th day of June

Reverse side of same paper:

Died September 29th 1824 Jane Yerks wife of John C. F. Brockner aged 49 years 6 mo.

Died April 16th 1851 John C. F. Brockner aged 94 years. 4 mo. 16 days.

Envelope containing lock of white hair:
Printed on outside, "Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown, Westchester Co., N.Y."
Written on outside, "George Fogull" [sic]

Single page, a complete issue of The New England Weekly JOURNAL, for Monday April 8., 1728

I have read the issue and the only name I've recognized so far is "Benj. Lhomedieu from Long-Island" entered Boston via the Custom House, on April 6. Other names on the page, all in connection with Boston, are: Chaille, Coles, Gerald, Kent, Lewis, Belcher, Jones, Beekman, Burroughs, Luist, Collings, Rawlings, Ball, Jenking, Tyleson, Wall, Fulker, Henshaw, Sherbourn, Baker, Morton, Wattell, Prince, Legard, Evans, Legard, Evans, Segorny, Doubt, Geer, Stanley, Viscount, Coffin.

Single page, torn from some book, probably a local history:

A biography of Frederick Steinle, who married Susannah Brockner, daughter of John Christian Frederick Brockner. It contains some information abou the Brockners, but it is primarily a history of the Steinles. Here is what pertains to the Brockners:

"Mr. Steinle married Susannah, daughter of John Christian Frederick Brockner and Jane Yerks, who was born in Tarrytown, March 12, 1810. Her parents removed to Little Falls, Passaic Co., and subsequently to New York, where they died.

Her father, born in Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany, was pressed in the Hessian service, but after reaching America deserted, joined Gen. Washington's army, and served until the close of the war. He spent his last days with his daughter, Mrs. Steinle, and died April 16, 1851, at the advanced age of 94. Her mother died Sept. 29, 1824, aged forty-nine. Their children are Frederick, a grocery in New York, Susannah; and Charlotte, wife of John H. T. Banta, a merchant of Hackensack."

[Eibhlin's notes: Since Washington is not listed as a child, I believe this list of children refers to the Steinles' children, not the Brockners'. Also, the story of J.C.F. Brockner being a Hessian, etc., is a classic tale woven throughout genealogical tradition. I've searched all kinds of DAR and Loyalist records, plus lists of Hessians, and still haven't found any mention of Brockner fighting in the Revolutionary War, on any side.]

Family trees:
In the Bible, I have two handwritten family trees, both of them in pencil, same hand as previous:

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper, with children Cornelius and "daughter," who married Robert Hall Lockwood, and produced Charles (m. Cornelia), Henry (m. Martha Macdonald, s. Henry Cooper Lockwood), Robert, and Cornelia (m. Louis Field, had a daughter).

Daniel Macdonald married Martha Wright, producing children: Sarah Margaret, Martha Elizabeth (m. Henry Lockwood), and Walter (m. Jessie Dunbar, whose daughter Jessie m. Alfred C. Field, producing children Robert, Vernon, and Estelie [?])

These notes have been transcribed by Eibhlin Morey MacIntosh, the former holder of the Fogal Family Bible (it is now in the possession of Everett Fogal), to the best of my ability. The following spelling variations were noted in the Bible, and have been transcribed as they appeared:

Please note that this is the Provost/Provoost family that is related to the Calyers and to the Yerks/Jerkes, and that the Brockner name may be spelled Brogna (and other variations).

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